Saturday, 21 March 2015

An Honest Liar

I've followed a lot of James Randi over the past decade. He's a great magician, keeps his humour, and challenges people with his Million Dollar challenge and such. So of course I'll Kickstarter a movie about him.

This covers a lot of Randi's life, from his early career to his more recent endeavours. We get tales and clips of earlier performances, including his dangling over the falls, and we hear about his various jail breaks. The movie also covers important people in Randi's life, giving a lot of time over to Carlos, and I was a little disappointed because I'm here for Randi! This isn't going to be the complete biography of his life (Randi intends to write that up), but it's good coverage.

I actually saw this back in December, but they asked us to keep it on the downlow until they did a full release in March. Which they now have. And now they want me to talk about it. About something I saw several months ago. Well, you get what you get.

One aspect I thought was negative was the focus on the recent Carlos bit, Randi's now husband. That was of the time, and as years go on, we're going to care about this less and less, so that will date the movie as about that particular point in time. If less was made of it, that would have been better, but now it's a slice of time.

So yeah, definitely catch this. But don't leave it too long if you want it to be current.


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