Friday, 20 March 2015


Once again, because Rifftrax, I ended watching that giant snake movie. It had been a while. I think I've seen one of the sequels?

JLo and co head down the Amazon to find the shimshi (or whatever) tribe, and on the way pick up a not-at-all-evil Jon Voight. To be fair to him, he does kill a lot less people than the snakes do, but he's the one that leads them to the snakes, so he still shares some of the blame. Anyhoo, there are snakes... well, there are some real snakes, and some very CGI snakes, and one very special large stuffed prop of a puma. There's also waterfalls that flow upwards, and magic blood that appear on people before it is thrown, so there's also that to look for!

Actor wise, not a bad haul. JLo, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Danny Trejo, Eric Stoltz, Kari Wuhrer and Owen Wilson, to name most of the cast (and Frank Welker as the voice of the snake!). The effects... as hinted at, aren't brilliant, but the inside of the snake mouth is very well realised, however they did it.

This movie feels like it's far older than 1997 (ooh, 20 year special anniversary edition maybe? hopefully not), and is just as rubbish now as it was then.


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