Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bank Dick

I've heard of W C Fields more than I've seen his work, so yeah, I wanted to see this.

Egbert Souse (accent on the e) is a big of a hopeless case, wandering into lucky moments. He starts off accidentally becoming a movie director... but that scene stops for no reason what so ever (was this some amusing short reference thing?), and then is found with a bank robber and claims credit. So obviously they offer him a job, and from there he gets involved in a silly shares scheme and has to keep the bank inspector out of the way, until everything comes together at the end with a big chase that was clearly where the money (such as this had) went.

Yeah.... uh... I've seen a few comedies from that time, and generally liked them, but this... it just... it was a collection of moments more than a sustained story, and there were lots of moments that were intended to be funny... I think... but, nope. Didn't work for me.

Is this a typical movie of his? If so, I think I'm good...


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