Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The trailer for this movie wasn't particularly inspiring me. But I like Neil Blomkamp's previous movies, so yeah, I gave this a go. And this movie is the RoboCop movie we should have had.

In JoBurg, the police force are largely replaced with just 100 robots (and human cops with them). One Scout gets a little too beaten up, so is consigned the scrap heap, but then his maker gets a little idea about trying out a consciousness program he wrote... In the meanwhile Ninja and Yo-landi(*) are trying to do a heist, and grab the maker to find out more about the robots. But what they end up with is Chappie.

[* Their actual names. They are in a rap group.]

This goes more into what it means to be human than the other movie I mentioned. It also goes into being raised with 'bad influences' and what it means to live and die in JoBurg. And they even have their own version of ED-209!

Good acting, and good production too. I have no idea if Chappie was an animatronic, or CGI, or puppet, or what... or when he was different things. Possibly a little off eyelines in some scenes, but good integration throughout the movie.

Yeah, another good movie from Mr Blomkamp.


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