Friday, 6 March 2015

Grammar Revolution

There are so many documentaries I Kickstartered that I haven't watched... and, to be honest, there are plenty I'm still waiting for. But one that I did just watch is Grammar Revolution.

What is grammar? Is it the way we naturally form sentences? Is it a way we should form sentences? It's both! But this movie is more about the prescribed grammar, and how people suck at it. After describing grammar, they go on to talk about why people suck, and it's because of PCism (my words). Ooh, everyone is right, and free to express how they want, therefore saying 'you are wrong, learn this grammar' is bad and thus no-one really learnt the skills. But it is how we communicate, it is a common method, and people who use it do sound better to us and are treated as someone to pay attention to.

This movie shows lots of viewpoints, and I'm not entirely positive it does come to a conclusion (despite having the section at the end called 'Conclusion'). Grammar is useful, but only because we think it is. Will we reach a point where anything goes? Possibly, but then we won't be able to make sense of each other.

An interesting movie, and one to check out if you are interested in the area.


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