Thursday, 5 March 2015

Teenege Metant Nenja Tertles...

It's because of Rifftrax that I finally got around to seeing that controversial film. While I can't speak as to whether or not it's a bad Turtles movie (although it is), I can speak as to whether or not it's a bad film in general.

April O'Neil is a reporter who gets the bad jobs, but because she's out there trying (read: going into dangerous situations because of stupid reasons), she finds out the city has vigilantes. Which she immediately realise are turtles she set free many years ago... because... ummm... that's clearly what happens. But when the turtles get into trouble, fortunately she's there to save the day, so that the turtles can have a fight scene that reminds me of Amazing Spiderman 1.

What disturbed me about this movie wasn't the turtles themselves. I'd already seen images, so was expecting that. It was the fricking rat. Splinter? Is that you? You look hideous! Now, fine, he's a rat, but still... he looks hideous! Gah! Get away from me! Oh, and there's the stupid sub plot whereby he learnt ninjitsu from a book and only taught one style to each of the turtles when clearly they'd be better off learning all forms.

This is a dumb movie, rightly panned, so Rifftrax was the only way I saw it, and I'm glad I saw it that way.


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