Sunday, 29 March 2015


I had a bit of a Mishap, but that's all right, it was intentional.

On of the many hidden object games I have, this one is set in a haunted house. Like, really haunted. Each segment of the house has a ghost, and is made of a main room and three secondary rooms. Each main room has two extra ghosts, and each secondary room has another ghost. That's a lot of ghosts! But the majority of them are easily defeated with a simple 'hot cold' minigame. The main ghosts need bigger mini-games to beat them... and only one of them was any fun.

The time based mini-games? Not fun. The card game mini-game was actually fun, although I couldn't 100% it. (I 100%'d few things, because I didn't care enough.) They were annoying, but I will give that you could completely skip them.

The hidden objects themselves weren't terrible... for the most part. Some of the objects I had no idea about. Fortunately, the game didn't penalise you for using the hint system like some others do.

The story was rather basic. Just enough context to give some meaning to the rooms and mini-games, but largely ignorable.

The worst part - not having a resolution option setting. Not even a 'here's a range of options from back in the day', but nothing at all. I have to go full screen (there are some very small objects), which means anything else I'm watching gets resized and moved in odd ways. Get gud, games!

Still, it only took me around 4 hours to complete the game. And there is a sequel I already have.


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