Saturday, 28 March 2015


With Jason Jones leaving The Daily Show, let's celebrate(?) with a movie that he inadvertently inspired.

Mazier Bahari went to Iran to see in the 2009 elections, and stick around for the aftermath. As part of that, he did a goofy interview for The Daily Show in which he interacted with master spy Jason Jones. For that and other reasons, he was detained and interrogated and told to fess up that he was a Western media controlled pawn. But even that didn't help him.

This is the film famous for having Jon Stewart direct it, and it's a good movie. There are a few moments where it was 'let's be flashy because we can be', but the basic story was well told. I'm not sure how true it was to the book, but no doubt it was similar and took components of it to relate.

I enjoyed this, and yes, definitely worth watching.


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