Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I'm definitely seeing movies I might otherwise have not bothered with. Just as well, as Omar is quite good.

This is the story of a Palestinian freedom fighter, who, after one attack with others, is taken and held prisoner by the Israelis. However, because he's in love with a young woman, he agrees to help capture the real culprit, although tries to turn that to his and the others advantage. It does not go well, either the follow up attack, or the love life.

This movie assumes you know about the Palestine/Israeli situation, so I could have done with a little more hand holding (which is on me, not the movie). The characters are well acted, and feel real. The love angle helps drive the story forward without getting in the way, or feeling tacked on.

Many people won't see a foreign film because they have to read subtitles and the like. More poor them.


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