Sunday, 26 April 2015

Agey Ultrony

Hey, another movie that's out before the US releases it... just like the last Avengers actually, if I recall. But this is the second one!

We definitely start with an action beat... and then the plot goes into quiet moments and then action moments, back and forth. The overall plot won't surprise most people, but the actual beats aren't what you might expect from the trailer, which didn't give everything away for a change... but I'm not going to say what because you're already decided if you are going to see this, or already have seen this, so there's not much point.

Anyhoo, there's decent performances, although there are a lot of characters packed in, with some cameos and some just getting name referenced. This is one of them problems with people being actors needing to have contracts and so some of them just aren't economical to get in for a quick moment, and some just don't want to be involved with the movies if they can help it (Hello Natalie Portman). New characters wise, I didn't think much was really done of note with Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Elizabeth Olsen gets more meat, and they're layering in future relationships. James Spader is clearly having fun, but then he's mainly audio (unless he pulled an Andy Sirkis (who's also in this, briefly) and stood in for Ultron for all scenes).

Final important note, there is a mid credits (as such) tease, but no post all credits tease (at least on the version I saw, which would be the international one), so if you need to run off to a small room, you don't need to hang around.


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