Saturday, 25 April 2015


There can't be that many superhero based movies I haven't seen. But there was at least one, so now I've seen it. Yep... that's a movie I've seen.

In an incredibly stupid plot, the devil wants someone to lead his armies and kick off armageddon on earth. So he gets a clown demon to get a bad guy to get another guy to do nasty things, and eventually that latter dude is killed off. The devil says 'come back and your wife will be safe', so he does, of course, but comes back with lots of bad CGI based powers (really, was this an Asylum film?). The clown convinced bad guy to wire himself up with bombs, then tries to get Spawn to kill him... so that's where the movie completely falls apart. Why doesn't clown kill bad guy to set off the bombs? Why didn't the clown just set off the bombs directly? There might be reasons for this in the comic (assuming this is an actual plot from the comic), but they aren't explained here. And then Spawn is good, and doesn't kill anyone, and is cool with his ex-wife's new life, and everyone gets puppies and rainbows and whatever.

Let's talk about the clown, played by John Leguizamo... no-one is coming off with any dignity here, not John, not the actors acting with him, not the character. Was he from the comic? In some way I hope so, because he might be better fleshed out there. In some way I hope not, because not even the comic deserves that. (I haven't read the comic.) And there's a lot of other good actors in this who also get terrible roles, Michael Jai White, Martin Sheen, D. B. Sweeny... I doubt any of them signed up because this was a 'classic' script.

So yeah... as I said, that's a movie I saw. And don't feel like you need to.


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