Monday, 6 April 2015

Furious 4 5 6

Continuing the catch up in preparation for 7... which is looking to happen at an annoying time in a packed theatre...

Reminder: There will be spoilers.

F and F: This is the sequel to 1 that we should have had earlier. That said, this is a lot of machismo between Brian and Dom, and that's largely all it is. And we also get Dom's Car Vision super power. And we get back into the family way (as it were) between them all. And Letty dies. Shame. That's a thing that will never be undone...

F 5: This is often cited as a Heist movie, and yet it's not until the second part that it goes there. And it takes a while to go there. This also feels like while they are trying to develop things, it's really all the same as before. And if the BadGuy is the only one who can open the safe... how did the money get packed in there? Although with the severe violation of physics going on with the safe, that's not the worst thing.

F 6: Remember that thing from a few movies ago? Yeah, that gets retconned. And again 'family' becomes all important, and we get the 'evil family' which gets lampshaded. Again we have big set up, and a big set piece... and then a tacked on second second piece. The tank would have been enough, but nope, got to have a plane in there. On the longest runway ever. Still, we finally link up the chronology of the series and lead to 7. [Which might take place during the last half hour of Tokyo Drift, depending on when Dom races Shaun.]


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