Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fast 1 2 3

Digital Drift just did a series on the Fast and Furious movies, so check that out. Because, of course, of number 7 about to come out. And for that, I rewatched the series.

If you haven't seen them, this will contain spoilers.

The F and the F: Wow, they look young, Paul Walker especially. One thing I really noticed was how quickly Doc took to Brian. After one race, Brian is basically in Dom's family. And Dom's telling him the story of his father's car. That comes across as a little abrupt. And I'm glad the ending isn't them making up, because it feels like they need more than that to get past the whole cop betrayal thing.

2 F 2 F: This is low rated by some people, and I think that's because there's no heart to this movie. It's all about the job of doing McBadGuy's thing, and there's no discussion or backstory. People are just there and one-dimensional. Considering the rest of the series, this is just a random diversion.

Tokyo Drift: And this is a complete diversion, but it does retain the ideas of family, in particular Shaun and his dad. We also get the introduction of Han, and we know what happens to him... and he seems rather more chill considering what he will go through. And he doesn't mind hanging with the ladies, so I guess he got over that love loss pretty easily... and then there's the sudden cameo of Dom to tie things into the main series.


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