Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Reign of Winter

Hey, remember when we were playing this? Yeah, me neither. This is why a lot of this session was catch up on what we did before (encounter the three women statues and get the two keys we need), and catch up on crafting some items. I've now gone from a +1 Axe to a +3 Axe!

Heading back to the hut, we encounter the guardian dude who doesn't want to let us in, being compelled by a ritual. As it happens, Mage picked up a book which contains the anti-ritual in it. Huzzah! He's free and goes on his way, leaving some nice boots with us.

We put the items in the cauldron and end up in a gazebo in a garden. (Most likely this is another interstitial encounter like the crows last time.) We wonder around the garden, get attacked by a plant, feed a shambling mound, as you do. Then we head into the tropical forest (there's a dark forest, a tropical forest, a normal forest, and a bramble patch). And it's not long before we are attacked! And less than three rounds later, we have destroyed two large Moonflower alien plant things. Yay?

Then we find a wooden storehouse. Being the brave adventurer that I am, I step up and knock on the door...

And then we wait until next time! Which should hopefully be next week.


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