Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Puncher

I did see the 2004 version, but not the 1989 version. Time to correct that!

Frank Castle is beating up the bad guys, leading them to get together. However, the Yakuza decide to step in and start killing people themselves. Since Frank doesn't like other people doing that, just him, he takes them on. They steal children, he steals them back, they still have one, so he sides with a lesser bad guy to get him back. And there's lots of death, because comic books.

[Really, how do the lighter super heroes accept him and his ways? Sure, they complain about him, but none of them really try to stop him.]

Dolph Lungren is showing off his classic action punching and shooting self, and we get some Louis Gosset Jnr action. And some others, but none really stand out. Lots of 80s hair on the women though. Those were the hair styles.

Let's see Marvel unleash a revised Punisher movie then! How many people die on screen in their movies?


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