Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Reign of Winter

War. War never changes. And neither do sieges really. When I realised what was going on, we are in the fortress of Spurhorn, besieged on three sides by an army that wants to expand its territories. We try to come up with a few ideas, but nothing that practical, and so a few days later...

Breach! We're off to one of the watch towers, in which a frost drake and two barbarian scum (and I say that as a barbarian scum) are attacking the defence equipment. While my compatriots take on the barbarians, I deal to the drake... by which I mean I kills it dead within two rounds. And the others don't last long, although they do take out a ballista.

Then we're off to see off an income siege tower. As I don't have any range abilities (my crossbow is more decorative than anything I bother to use), I watch as Hogan spikes up the ground, and Beatrice flames the incoming hydra pushing the siege tower... done!

[Some fights later we are glossing over for reasons I'll explain later...]

The final push involves a silver dragon being beaten up by a blue, a white and a gold dragon... charge! My blood is up and I'm in there, dealing out damage... and getting hammered. I'm barely on my feet, the white dragon is taken out and I can either get healed or charge the blue... charge! And I swipe in hard... and then...

The others do take out the other dragons, and I'm sure they'll raise me any minute now... now... now? [Yeap, I died. Again. And will be resurrected. Again.]


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