Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Pieramid

Why am I watching these movies? I know they aren't good. Okay... I hope to find a rare gem, but in the meantime I'm watching stuff like this.

A team find a pyramid, with three sides! Woo! (Nothing interesting is done with that aspect.) However, because Egypt is having problems, the team can't stay. And so, because they must be stupid, they quickly enter the pyramid to look around before they have to leave. And then they get lost, because of course they must. And there is something else in here with them. (Because, again, of course.)

The creature is well done. There are some close ups of it, and it looks good, not too plasticky, and has actual character sculpted into the face. And the acting isn't too over the top, although the characters are extremely cliched. And this is supposed to be found footage... except there is also narrative shots, and no clue as to how the footage gets found, so that's off.

Not the worst film ever, but not really one to bother with.


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