Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Reign of Winter

[What's this? A day early? There's a reason!]

With the fortress army providing distraction, we went behind the siege lines and attacked the general dragonkin in charge. In which she could fly, and none of us could, so that failed hard. Mage died twice, and Hogan once, so that was fun. And I don't think I even got to hit it once? But eventually, we wore it down, and yay?

With that, we launched our next offensive, which was to get to the Ivory Glass tower and take out the leader Wrex, the white dragon (I do have the name somewhere, but I'm going with that). On the way, we saw a werewolf being attacked by two large creatures, so of course we attacked (on the side of the werewolf). After taking them out, she told us of a useful anti-dragon spear and a back way into the tower.

Going to the cave, we found figures trapped in ice, and I found a Roper. As in found it by having it attack me. It smacked me around a lot (strength damage - I went unconscious), but eventually we bet it up.

And after going through some random encounters we ignored, we finally went up against the dragon. We prepared ourselves... and only about half the spells were useful. The dragon was waiting for us (we weren't subtle), and so the battle was joined. Unfortunately, the spell casters couldn't get past the spell resistance, and the fire resistance, so it was up to us melee people. And generally only two of my attacks could hit. But I did manage to successfully sunder a fog cloud, so nyah sucks boo to you, dragon! And then dealt the killing blow! Go us!

We got the final key we needed for the cauldron, and although the army was having problems, we didn't stick around. Back at the hut, we put the keys in the cauldron, and...

[...and that's it. For now. The GM is a) moving away, and b) selling the house we met in. So no more of that. Technically, the game is 'parked' in case we can ever meet again, but... well... that was a long time I spent RPGing with that group in various forms.]


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