Wednesday, 29 April 2015

RPing through the Ages

So, my physical RPing (as opposed to Skyping) is currently on hold. It's been a while so let's think back...

My renewed interesting in RPGing started when I felt like getting involved easily in sessions, and it occurred to me that on the internet, there must exist recorded sessions. And I was right, RPGMP3. From there, I went over to Heroic Cthulhu, and joined a Skype group.

I also started going to WARGS meetings, and doing the one off sessions of mainly Shadowrun there. Eventually I did find a local group that was starting up, that was basically at the bottom of my street.

And so, nearly seven years ago, I started in with Risan and a 4th Ed companion.

I spent a long time with him, going from one GM to another, to different houses, and some running myself. Eventually, he got up to 24th level... and that's it. However, I also went to other games, like Rogue Trader, and Dragon Lance, and Gamma World. With more GM and house changes.

Eventually, I moved to another group the GM was involved in, and started in on Space Marines. Then Hunter the Vigil. And moved around other game types with them.

Until eventually, back in the D&D world with Pathfinder, which is sort of edition 3.75, and there it is, seven years later. ... have I gone backwards? ...

That was a long time. Other live games might yet happened, but I think it's time for a break.


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