Saturday, 4 April 2015

Teenag Mutan Ninj Turtl

Even having just watched, I'm not sure if I saw this before or not. This is the 1990 version, just to be clear, but the recent version echoes a lot of the same plot line.

The foot clan are causing problems around the city, and April O'Neil investigates. She gets caught in an attack, but is saved by the Turtles. And then, to surprise of everyone, the movie follows the Turtles, not April, and we spend time with them, and their family moments. They save April again and are with her when Splinter is taken (who calls a rat Splinter?). Arguing, they separate, get taken down, crawl away, come together as one, then go and get Splinter back.

The masks are definitely odd when speaking, and the suits do not look great... but in distant shots, when the stunt actors can wear more form fitting stuff, you can see the potential of having them flip around in the tighter more manoeuvrable suits.

Having seen this... I can't say I'm wanting to watch the sequels.


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