Thursday, 14 May 2015

Eagly Ey

Just what we need, another Shia LaBeouf movie. While he isn't going "no no no no no no", we do get all his other typical traits in this.

Joe Random Guy and Jane Random Person are 'activated', which means they are jerked around by a voice on the end of a phone who tells them what to do, and manipulates trains, planes and automobiles in order to get the big plan done. This includes somehow taking over things I'm fairly sure don't have remote control capability. Now, I'm going to have to give some spoilers here, because this gets pretty stupid. Her (the voice) big plan is to get these two to rob an armoured truck and get a briefcase, which turns out to have injectors so they survive a trip in an airplane cargo hold... which is only needed because the main plan of them just flying didn't work, so just as well the voice had this big back up plan going. And then once there, they are to deactivate a program so the voice can kill people... which sounds nasty, but gets worse when you realise that the voice shouldn't even be able to enact a plan to overcome the first plan, because that's all in the aid of the first plan which isn't supposed to be able to happen! (That doesn't make more sense if I filled in those gaps.)

We do get a good range of cast. Rosario Dawson, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Chiklis, an early Anthony Mackie and even William Sadler. And Julianne Moore as the uncredited voice of the computer!

It's slick, but it uses that to try to hide the problems with the plot. Meh.


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