Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Repo! Repo! Repo!

I've heard of the Genetic Opera, but didn't get around to watching it. Until now.

Singing all the while, GeneCo offers people organs but basically owns their lives. The Repo Man comes to take the organs back when they can't pay, but that's all right, because he's humanised by having a daughter. That becomes a pawn in a power play between the Repo Man and the lead of GeneCo Rotti Largo. Everything comes to a head at the Opera and many secrets are revealed.

I'm not entirely convinced by the singing. Singing dialogue is not the same as actually singing lyrics. There are songs, but often they are twisted into servicing the plot that it's a stretch to make them work. Not even Anthony Head (who's here because of Buffy) can pull off some of those songs. But Sarah Brightman proves her pipes. We also get Paris Hilton who is in this, but let's pay more attention to Paul Sorvino and Alexa PenaVega, who give decent performances.

Definitely an experience.


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