Saturday, 16 May 2015


When the movie has three names in its title, Extinction. Jurassic. Predators., you aren't expecting gold. However, you might be expecting dinosaurs.

This is one of those movies where everyone knows what's coming going in, so get on with it. As it happens, the group of disposable people are going into the Amazon to look for illegal tree logging and break down. And immediately get lost. They wander around for a while, hear some strange noises, and it's over half the movie later before we get to the actual dinosaurs. Which, some credit to the CGI team, looked like a puppet. Not real, but like they had an actual puppet there. And then there's a scene where the dinosaur is in close threatening three of them, they are all looking in different directions, the shadows aren't working properly, and they aren't reacting to a real presence, so there goes that idea. And it was a slog to get to that point.

As you can guess, I'm not recommending this movie. It's obvious why the producers wanted to get a movie out with 'Jurassic' in the title, Even Asylum can do better than this.


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