Sunday, 17 May 2015

Avenge Grime

Ah, Asylum, how we've been waiting for your latest effort. Title evoking a current block buster? Yep, that's them. And yet, at least they are willing to go with female lead heroes unlike certain studios. At least the title is obvious, Avengers, because of course, and Grimm, because of what they are ripping off.

Rumpelstilkskin attacks Snow White's kingdom and escapes with her into another world, our world. Her fellow Princesses (who all have Princess Powers, because this is ripping off super heroes) follow her, along with Red who is after the Wolf. On our world, Rumpy is now mayor of a corrupted city, so the princesses need to band together to Avenge their world (yep, they actually say that).

And yet, because this is the Asylum, don't expect greatness playing this out. The princesses are never actually properly introduced, and it's only by inference that we get they are Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and yes their powers are related to their stories (the one it took me the most to click on was Cinderella's powers of transformation). While I don't recognise any of the leading ladies, as the leading men we have Casper Van Dien smarming his way as Rumpy, and Lou Ferrigno as - yes, Lou is in this movie. He's still looking good, but why isn't another studio trying to get him in for more than a brief cameo instead of what he's doing here?

As ever... why am I watching these movies?


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