Friday, 1 May 2015

Nick Shield: Agent of F.U.R.Y.

I must be coming to the end of superhero movies some time! However, it's time to dip back to 1998, and the time of the Hoff!

Hydra is up to its old tricks, so Nick Fury is reactivated out of retirement, and immediately gets into battle with them. After a tangle with Hydra getting their hands on Zola, Nick is left poisoned, so that's another ticking clock. Hydra itself is under the command of Baron Von Strucker's daughter Andrea, in an amazingly over the top and campy performance. What it comes down to is that Nick must find Hydra HQ and Andrea so he can get blood for a cure, while Contessa Valentina de Allegro Fontaine stops a virus being unleashed in Manhatten. With like three people on Shield side in each team, because that makes it more exciting, and all battles taking place in dressed up abandoned warehouses.

Clearly a made for TV movie, this is cheesy action at its best. Whereby best means 'extra cheese'. The dialogue is over the top, but so is the acting, so that fits. Hoff is fine as Fury (although I feel the cigars he smokes/chews are a little smaller than they should be), and Sandra Hess and Lisa Rinna get fine roles that even later aren't often given to women. There's also a slew of other names: Garry Chalk, Tom McBeath, Ron Canada...

On the other hand, don't seek this out unless you are trying to see all those damn superhero movies...


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