Thursday, 21 May 2015

SIR: Early Edition

While this isn't very actiony, it does have a solid gimmick behind it. Gary gets the paper in the morning every day... except it's for the next day! WHAT???? And so he goes through and turns around hard luck stories, and, more actiony, stops crimes from before they are happening.

Gary is played by Kyle Chandler, and he has a white friend played by Fisher Stevens. And filling in for the token characters, we have Marissa Clark, played by Shanésia Davis-Williams, who is female, black and blind. She beats out Georgi La Forge for combining tokenisms!

One scene I recall is Gary getting himself some money (because he doesn't have a job, but he does have a cat - it comes with the paper) by going to the TAB. He has to be careful about how much he bets (one episode he meets someone who took advantage to get wealth and finds out what happens in that case), but by the end of the scene all the other punters are waiting for him to bet and then place the same bet!

This lasted four seasons, and I'm not sure how many of those I saw. I definitely started strong with watching it, but over time, it couldn't sustain me.


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