Friday, 22 May 2015

SIR: Greatest American Hero

Now a lot of people remember this. And they even made three seasons of it! Aliens turn up and give a superhero suit to Random Good Guy, and he also gets an FBI helper. Together, and with Good Guy's fiancee, they have random wacky adventures!

The main gimmick, aside from the supersuit, was that Ralph had no idea how to use the suit properly, because they lost the operating manual (in a later episode, the aliens come back, and give them a new manual… and they lose that one too!). So while he had flying, it was flailing flying, and heat vision that worked in the wrong direction and... yeah, this was not serious.

And yet it did tackle serious issues. Ralph is a high school teacher of (elderly) teen youths, and gets caught up in their problems. And he tackles the imminent threat of war breaking out. That said, the best remembered episode is the one where he fights an alien from space and gets magnetised. And second the one where Bill gets possessed by a ghost lady.

Great series, it is on DVD, and one of them comes with the theme song built in!


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Al said...

I loved this one! The pilot movie is still a sharp and funny piece of TV, even now, and the series itself had a really fresh feel which later shows picked up on. I remember most-especially the use of then-charting songs over establishing sequences, and sometimes chases. And the theme song was in the NZ charts forever, believe it or not.