Monday, 18 May 2015

SIR: Shows I Remember

These are shows I remember, back from the 1980s and 1990s (okay, some late 1970s). This is more of the shows that were gimmick based, actiony or sci-fi in some way (and they all happen to be American so there is that). While some of these are remembered fondly... a lot of these are less worthy of memory space. I saw these when I was a kid, and something about them stayed in my memory.

Some of these shows I'm sure you've heard of. Others... you might not have. And for good reason, in many cases. But before I get into it, some quick shots of shows I'm not going to talk about.

MANTIS: This show was about a disabled person who used a powersuit to solve crimes. I saw one episode, and it was not good.

Six Million Dollar Man: This is too well known. And I remember the episode where there was a twig that represented a force field that Steve had to jump over... but that's about it. Not a lot of other memories associated with this.

Psi Factor: I want to talk about this, but not in this series. It was... weird. And not very well done. And only one season (three or four), with Matt Frewer in it, got released on DVD.

X-Files: Of course I can talk about the X-Files, but... that deserves more time as well.


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