Thursday, 25 June 2015


I've seen this being promoted in my twitter feed, so fine, let's give this a go.

For some reason eight people have a connection with each other that some times enables them to see each other as if they are in the same room as them, and sometimes to 'replace' the other person and act as they would.

Why? I don't know. Because I gave up on this series too. What this really meant is that this was the chance to have eight different soap operas going on with different characters and us having to sit through them all waiting for an answer. Naveen Andrews isn't the only reason I'm thinking of Lost.

The few times when it's 'the other person is now there and able to use their skills to help the original person' shows the promise of the premise, but it's just taking too long. Even having the Wachoski's and JMS involved doesn't mean we'd get anything good (*cough* Jupiter Ascendant *cough*).

Maybe I'm just too impatient and with so many things demand our attention I'm not giving it a real chance. But I spent more time remember the one episode of Mr Robot that got out than I spent thinking about this series.


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