Friday, 26 June 2015

Second Alias

Let's look at Season Two.

The big schtick this season is that the mother turns up, who was thought to be dead, but don't trust that in this series. But can she be trusted? There's a lot played with 'is she good? is she bad?', and when she appears to be bad is it for good reasons? And when those motives are uncovered,... it just goes on. That's an annoying bit this series does is gives you a little, then says 'but that's not really the case, keep watching another ten episodes for another hint'! If I weren't rushing through these...

Another thing in this season is that they just give up on The Alliance halfway through. All of a sudden, 'hey, we can take them out', and then that's that for that plot line. Rambaldi is still going, and Sloane becomes the enemy for the remainder of the season, and trusted people are revealed to be agents of evil (another common trope here), until the big build up at the end... and the final cliff hanger is jumping forwards two years.

Yep, they just switch up the way the series works. Because...

It's amazing how everything important (mainly related to the Rambaldi plot) is centring around Sydney. Yes, she is the star, but there is only so much backstory you can suddenly reveal... but again, more will be added.

The big thing is really the chance of story format with getting rid of SD-6, but that's nothing to what's in later seasons.


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