Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hensel v Gretal

Nothing like Asylum to jump on a bandwagon, and this one I'm surprised they bothered to jump on, being a year or so late. It's a cheap ass Hansel and his sister in modern day fighting witches.

Hansel is a witch killer and his sister runs a cafe, where the pies are made Sweeny Todd style. He comes home as four witches roll into town, and sets about dealing with them, with the help of his sister... who is using him to bump off the competition, because she's totally evil and a witch herself (as is obvious from the poster and the title of the movie). The actual 'v' part is hardly in it, and nothing much comes of it anyway.

This could be an interesting premise, a movie where Gretel is evil and the two play off of each other, but it's not this movie. This does mean they could consider a sequel where that happens, but I can't think of the last time the Asylum did a sequel for any of their movies. Best to just move on to the latest idea to rip off.

The Asylum have been doing well recently, but this is not a good one (such as it is).


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