Wednesday, 17 June 2015

X Maxina

Will you believe a robot is capable of humanity? How about when it is a sexy woman?

A coder wins a prize to visit his boss's home, and then finds out he's there to test a robot. She can already basically pass the Turning Test, but now the question is: when you know she's a robot, do you still think she's capable of thinking for herself? And can you deal with your jerk of a boss?

What does it mean to be a robot capable of human thought? This movie covers a lot of the ground we've already seen elsewhere, and completely fails to consider the real point: how do we know if humans are really thinking or just well programmed? But no-one ever asks that. Instead we get this talky drama with ideas of wanting to show off great old ideas.

At least the effects are neat, with the robot being large chunks of see through plastic. Charlize's arm? Nothing compared to this.

Now, I already knew what was going to happen, as I was spoilered on this, so instead I just got annoyed at how long they took to get things done. And I don't know how I would have tolerated what happened at the end if I didn't know. Ah, the problem of spoilers.

Overall... can't say I'm overthrilled by it, but since I knew the story that needs to be taken into account.


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