Saturday, 27 June 2015

It Fallows

Hey, it's a horror movie. Some good reviews, so let's enjoy!

After having sex, Jay is told that what was following him is now following her. Only she's the only one who can see it, no-one else can (except those who've already been cursed(?)). Where this comes from... who knows. What exactly the rules are around it... are somewhat conflicting. And I have no idea what happened at the end that they were trying to say.

I also spent a lot of this movie wondering how the Tenth Doctor would handle this. Obviously, he'd try to communicate with it, but since other that It following, we get absolutely no sense of what whatever it is is all about, so that wouldn't go anywhere.

While some scenes were good, other parts just felt discordant. And I can't get behind that soundtrack at all, it was also jarring.

Overall, not really a plus from me.


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