Monday, 15 June 2015

Jurussuc Wurld

Is it a sequel? Is a reboot? Is it just a dinosaur movie? It’s all that and less! Peter and Al may have their own opinions.

Take the first movie. Writ it large, throw in elements of the second… and you're done! It’s a large island with dinosaurs (so a ‘world’ in the same sense of 'Disney World'), and they made a new one. Guess what happens. Oh wait, you already know what’s going to happen because you’ve seen the trailers. (So I haven’t given anything away.) Like the first movie, they spend a LONG time talking about how everything is set up, and we get teased with dinosaurs. That’s fine, and the build up is nice after previous movies splurged it straight away. But once the 'oohing and aahing' is over, we get onto the screaming and it’s just like any other action movie. Even though it is dinosaurs, it could easily be anything.

So I hated it? Not really, I just wasn't blown away by it. I'm too jaded, fine, and the fact that it was made as a modern movie was fine, but some parts just didn't help to sell it like in the first movie. In the hamster ball, the kids are looking outside… in random directions, and not at the actual CGI dinosaurs. When Claire and Owen are up close with one dinosaur, all I saw was a servo-powered head animatronic.

Still, dinosaurs! A lot of them, and aside from certain moments, mostly built well into the scene. Yes, we get Chris Pratt with the velociraptors, but that worked more or less, and the big new dino has a lot of hand waving to get it to work which goes by quickly enough that you don't question too much. The actors aren’t too annoying, even the kids, although the kids plot line gets very painful(ly bad) at points. There are nods to the first movie, and no-one mentions the other two so that’s nice.

Really, this isn't quite up there with the first, but definitely above the other two.


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