Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Okay, Portuguese movie this time, one that isn't really my cup of tea, Tabu.

In the first half, we get a pair of older women, two white neighbours, and a black maid. The one with the maid is going slightly mad, and then dies, but reveals an old friend. The second half is the friend narrating their history, and a rather sordid romance that they went through...

Yeah, drama and romance, not really for me. The second half, which had actual plot in it, was better, and it was an interesting narrative technique with just voice over and sounds of the scene, but no actual dialogue was said (they just mimed it).

Another narrative trick was that the movie was in black and white. The first half is present day, and the second is back in time (no years are given) and the black and white nature, with the setting being a hunting area of Africa, reminded me of the various old hunting movies I've seen via MST3K/Rifftrax (only without the snarky comments). It made the setting of the second half work, but I'm not sure about the first.

Others would enjoy this more.


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