Wednesday, 3 June 2015


On to New Caledonia, and the island of Lifou. Again, a big place for swimming, and the water did look lovely.

I went on a tour of the forest and secret grotto. The forest section was nice, and we saw a large range of trees and heard about them. The grotto was largely a hole in the ground, so... yeah, not much of a secret. Then we saw some hunting examples, of catching crab, pig and bird. Quite effective.

There was also a nearby church to walk to for the view of the island. While it's a nice view, I'm not entirely convinced it justifies the walk. Still, it was good to get out and around.

Pictures available here. See the view from Notre Dame de Lourdes, and see the Coconut Crab (since I had no control over the camera, the part of me holding the cam is sideways).


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