Thursday, 4 June 2015


The last past was Noumea. However, we visited it on a Sunday, when everything was closed. You'd think they'd want tourist money? But the only place open was the market place right beside the boat and the duty free store.

I went on the Tchou Tchou train, which was a connected set of carriages with a train theme. We went around the bays and such and saw some nice views and got a good history of the island. And had some nice pastries.

The lady said that to get to the aquarium all I needed to do would be to catch the 10/11 bus and it would be 200 South Pacific Franc (basically $2). I tried to catch the bus, but the driver wasn't interested in money and I needed to have some form of pre-purchased ticket to feed the machine. Um, that didn't work.

So I wandered around, but with the shops shut, it wasn't that exciting a place.

Pictures available here. There is a lookout view here, and:


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