Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sans Andreas Quack

[No, this was not shown at the Film Society.] The Asylum are skating close with this title, but that's never stopped them before. However, the plot is pretty damn close too.

A seismologist works out how to predict quakes, and she then predicts some big ones about to hit. Her new boyfriend is a helicopter pilot. And her daughter is wanting to live her own life in the city. Then quakes hit, and they all have to get together before everything falls down around her. Although, being the Asylum, it remains fairly basic.

When the quakes hit, they start with a 4 and a 5... and you know what, as someone who's being through those, they don't do nearly the scale of damage that this movie would have you believe. They are more like 7 or 8s, but hey, if they said that, there wouldn't be anywhere to go... except they go for a 12 anyway.

It's silly how seriously the movie tries to take itself, and fails hard. Come on, Asylum, you can do better.


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