Monday, 22 June 2015

You Had One Job

So, Steam Summer Sale... and yes, I spent money, but I do intend to play those games... For example, I picked up Please, Don't Touch Anything.

The main premise is there is a big red button. Which you aren't supposed to touch... and indeed, if you don't you win! But that isn't the only way to win, there are many others. Which start with pushing the button. Some are easy, some are hard... and some are just nearly impossible. Pushing buttons opens up panels which reveals more buttons to push, and then you need to work out what to push next and...

It's not entirely clear what you are supposed to do next. In some cases, the pads are multi-functional, but it's not clear if this pad is supposed to be used for this code, or the other pad, or that you can use this other pad for multiple codes.

It's a fun game, and worth grabbing, but you will probably end up using the internet to help you before the end...


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