Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sans Andreless

When I saw the trailer, I thought "this is a generic disaster movie". And now I've seen it.

We start with a small incident to show off how much of a hero the father is, and then set up he has a broken family home, with a mother who is seeing someone else, and a daughter who loves them both but is getting to know the new boyfriend. Then disaster hits, and guess what? That's right, the mother and daughter are in trouble, and so the father goes off to save them... and lots of stupid things happen along the way.

This movie doesn't really do anything new. The father is definitely the hero, the mother needs saving. The daughter (who is played by Alexandra Daddario, last seen playing a wife, now a younger daughter) is actually a strong character who helps others... that she got into trouble in the first place. And you can guess what the state of the broken family is by the end of the movie, so nothing that happened surprised me. (Oh, and guess what happens to the scientist's helper?)

Even spectacular-wise, this movie didn't impress. You've seen most of the big effects in the trailer, and there isn't even much quake shaking (did we get a quake-suffers-friendly version?).

Catch when on TV.


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