Sunday, 26 July 2015

City of Gold

The New Zealand International Film Festival is here, and I'm taking time out to see some movies. The first being City of Gold.

Jonathan Gold is the food critic for the LA Times, which tells you this is a movie about food, and a movie set in Los Angeles. In particular, he tends to find out of the way places, ethnic places, that you wouldn't think to try to find, let alone think to eat at. Because of him, many small places become quite popular, So this movie also talks about Jonathan himself, and about food criticising, and especially about Los Angeles and what that city is about.

It seems a decent movie, but I felt like there was a message there for the people of Los Angeles, and not really for me. I've been trying to write why not, and it's nothing Jonathan does in the movie, he seems a nice guy, and yet... it just fell flat for me.

Good movie, but can't say I'd give it a second look.


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