Saturday, 25 July 2015

Insiduous 3

Yep, it's the next movie they pumped out of another horror movie franchise, because why not?

We are in prequel territory, and a young girl/women (she's around 16?) is trying to contact her recently dead mother. However, something else is in the dark and has taken an interest in her, and things aren't turning out well. Elise Rainier (the only good character from the previous movies) is reluctant to get involved (because of the heavily thunked in references to the earlier/later movies), but eventually gets back in the game to help her.

Actually... this is a lot better than the previous two movies. If they were up to this quality, I might like them. Perhaps because we get a fresh story, away from that annoying family I had no interest in? Not that I'm caring all that much about this new family, but we aren't supposed to go 'oh, what a terrible thing happened to that kid' like in the other movies, and it just gets on with building atmosphere. The effects are kept simple, which is good, made all the more interesting when we get the previous monsters cameo'ing in to compare them to. (And I have no interest in watching those earlier movies again.)

There's no sign of a 4 yet... and I want to say good, but we do finally see some talent on display I'd like to see more from.


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