Sunday, 5 July 2015

Enigmatis 2

I liked the first Hidden Object game, so let's check out the second!

This one takes place at an evil themed park, in which the evil of the place is making people think this is a nice place, then they get brought in and killed. Because that's the state of American local entertainment. Our job is to find out what's going on around here, and save the peoples we can because no-one in the present day is as competent as us.

The first problem is that there are far fewer Hidden Object games in this than in the previous game. There are some sections where you are picking up items, but they aren't quite the same. And then there are the puzzles, which fortunately aren't too impossible. So the game side was a bit of a let down. And there are collectibles, and I was one short of one set, and two of the other, and the only way to get them would be to play through again but that won't be happening.

The other problem is that we are helping a prisoner... and it is immediately obvious who the prisoner is. And releasing him is a bad idea, but of course we have to to progress. But that our character never suspects (despite reminding herself of him more than once) is just stupid.

Overall, a bit of a let down over the first.

The set up at the end is for there to be a 3... but there's no sign of it yet.


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