Monday, 6 July 2015

Final Centipede

The first movie was a fictional movie in the second movie, and now the second movie is a fictional movie in the third one as is the first one.

We are at a prison and the man in charge is basically insane. But his accountant has this amazing idea based on seeing the previous two movies. And they get the director of the first two movies to give them a hand (in a scene which is basically Tom Six gushing at himself, and then being sick at how far it gets taken). Given this set up, you can probably tell where they are going, and... yeah.

This movie seems to want to go to extremes with how crazy the warden (played by Dieter Laser, who plays the doctor in the first movie) goes, and the language and acts that he does.... but he, and the movie, comes across as simply childish, "look, I know the rude words, ain't I a stinker?" and so there's no shock value. At this point, we (at least me) are jaded, so this isn't getting anywhere.

Dieter Laser does, within the script, give a good performance. I quite liked Lawrence Harvey as Butler (who was the bad guy in the second movie). And adult star Bree Olson gets top billing on IMDB... and hey, Eric Roberts is in this, and I wouldn't be surprised to find they filmed all his scenes in one afternoon.

And so the trilogy ends... yep, there it goes.


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