Friday, 24 July 2015

Fourth Alias

When the series started Sydney was working for a supposed clandestine branch of the CIA, under Arvin Sloane... time to completely innovate that!

Now she's working for a clandestine branch of the CIA, under Arvin Sloane... see, totally different! Yes, this season restarts the series for a third time, and goes back to the beginning. Only this time it's a legitimate branch of the CIA. Oh, and her half-sister is now working with her.

Having gone into Sydney's history in the previous seasons, they can't mine that too much, so let's start picking on her bf Vaughn and unveiling that not everything in his past is a bed a roses. This will continue into season 5, but is set up here.

The big villain of this season is a duplicate Arvin Clone, who is also after Rimbaldi, and gets normal Arvin back into it. And Arvin eventually teams up with...

Now, the big surprise they didn't reveal at the end of the last season is that Jack (Sydney's father) killed Irina (Sydney's mother), because Irnia ordered a hit on Syndey. Quick, hands up all those who believe Irina is actually dead? In this series, of course not, and that's who Arvin teams up with.

All this leads up to a final two parter that deals with Rimbaldi and bad CGI effects, and whatever. Finally over, Syndey and Vaughn go off on holiday, and Vaughn is about unveil all, when... car crash!

Oh, the things they will end up having to wrap up in the last season, I'm sure there won't be any threads left.


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