Monday, 20 July 2015


Sigh, another horror movie... what's the point of this one?

A couple moves into a house the guy built, and get married because she's pregnant. However, the guy build the house with a connection to hell in the attic for some reason, and so the kid gets corrupted. And really insists on using her comb to comb her hair (a plot point which goes absolutely nowhere). Eight years later, a demon turns up to claim the child, and enjoys time with her and the guy is converted and then...

What's the point of this? Other than 'the demon (he's credited as 'the demon' not 'the devil') wants the kid', there's no motivation for why this happens. Is there some reason he wants the kid? What happens to the kid? Who knows, the movie seems to think the journey of the demon getting the kid is enough. There does seem to be a trend of journey being more than the ending, but that means we aren't getting a sense of closure, and the journey just isn't that interesting.

Yeah, this is a rubbish movie. That's about all I have to say.


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