Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Orfanarge

Another foreign horror film, because they are the only ones who are doing horror properly. (Or perhaps they are piling out the tons of dross, and we just find out about the good ones.) Anyway, this involves spooky children.

A young girl, Laura, gets away from the orphanage, but many years later she returns there with her husband and son. Only her son is adopted, and when he's got other problems. He's got imaginary friends, which in this sort of film is perfectly innocent... and when he gets his final friend, just before other children are coming to join the couple, everything starts falling apart as he goes missing. What lengths will Laura go to to find him, and is she ready for there being other presences in the house with their own agendas?

Yeah, this is spooky, with it being a slow build. There are no jump scares (because horror doesn't need them!), instead we get unsettled and very definite on the side of there being supernatural presences. And the ending... I'm not going to give it away, but it gets dark. There is no way any American movie would dare to go that far.

Decent performances, and the children actors aren't too annoying. Yeah, I'm going with more foreign horror movies when I can.


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