Friday, 17 July 2015

Man Ant

Yeah, I went to the latest Marvel movie, because they are always going to take my money.

Scott Lang is an ex-con trying to do right now he's out of jail, so of course he ends up embroiled in crime. Hank Pym is a genius who invented Pym Particles, that enables him to have a suit to make him really small. How small? I'm not quite sure, but I'm fairly sure the movie has slightly different sizes depending on the scene. Anyway, the pair of them team up and then I remember Iron Man, and you can predict what's going to happen, and yeah...

Not a great movie. And I'm not even saying it's a 'not great Marvel movie', it's just a not great movie. The movie tries for fun at times, but doesn't quite get there. And the heistness of it doesn't get interesting either. Which leaves the characters... and I don't find any of them that engaging either.

This won't be a flop by any measure, but it doesn't rate well for me.


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