Saturday, 18 July 2015

She's the Lady in the Water

I've seen all of his other movies, was just missing this one... no wait, not missing, that's the wrong word entirely.

A character from another world turns up... and everyone instantly believes that's what she is. And a random off hand comment leads the janitor to exactly the person who happens to know that exact story (and is able to dole it out in specific amounts). Everything then lines up to nearly work, but doesn't, leaving the last gasp to work out instead.

M. Night is trying to get meta with this movie, and just ends up trying to hang too many lanterns. But worse than that, he made this movie slow and tedious to get through. There's hardly any action sequence to bring the pace up, and otherwise it's all just sitting and standing around talking, getting the wrong information then the right information.

This, basically, deservedly gets panned.


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