Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Outside In

Oh Pixar... you bastards... and of course this movie reminded me of Herman's Head, but let's talk about that later.

We start with the short Lava, in which lava spouting mountains fall in love... and yet the local marine life is completely unaffected and there are no major problematic earthquakes? Pffft, hardly realistic guys!

And then we get the realism of what's happening inside a girl's head, namely Riley. A growing up movie, where Riley is forced to move with her family, and her life turns to sadness (quite literally in places). As Joy tries to reestablish the happiness in Riley's life, she and Sadness go on a journey together through Riley's mind, and... okay Pixar, you got me at the end. Yeah, I didn't have to wipe away any tears... nope, not at all...

I found Richard Kind rather distracting, as whenever his character was speaking, I kept picturing him speaking instead of his character, his voice is too distinctive! And I guess Kyle MacLachlan is playing dad roles now. And Lewis Black was just challenging his Lewis Black persona, which is good, but hardly a different character.

Yeah, so another good Pixar movie, and no doubt there are many easter eggs to find.


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